bike rentals with boone gap outfitters

We make exploring Berea on a bike a breeze!

We provide maps that will make the way even easier for you, Berea has so much to see when you know where to go! 

We drop off the bikes at 6 different locations so that you can hop out of your vehicle and get to exploring right away! 



Riders 5' - 5'7 fit best on a SMALL 

Riders 5'7 & above will want a LARGE

Our cruisers are the most popular option to get around town with.  They provide a comfortable ride while also giving you the gears and functionality you need to get around!  

We also have options available for the little ones!

If they're able to ride we have some smaller bikes as well as pull behind trailers, tag-a-long bikes, and mounted bike seats.

If it's mountain bike trails you're after while you're in the area we have several high quality used bikes available to take with you for the day!

Please contact us directly for mountain bike availability 859-951-6488