boone gap outfitters consignment flyer



Consignment Overview

Thank you for helping get good gear in the hands of good people!

We hope to make our consignment process straightforward, and effective! We believe that nothing is more important than the relationship between us and our customers! Enabling more people see our beautiful area is our goal and with the help of our community, it can be done!

Before Consignment

  • Round up your gear that needs a new home! We just ask that it not be at the end of it's life and that it doesn't smell too bad when you bring it in! (If you wouldn't buy it in the shape it's in, talk to us about repair options or donations)
  • Since we're a new store we're open to any gear that empowers you to get outside and enjoy nature
  • Take stock of what items you have, if you have over 10 items we ask that you prepare a list of your gear.
  • Get a price in mind! We can't sell anything for more than 80% of what it's worth brand new. We're a small business and have to compete with the big guys! We will work together on this if you're having any difficulty pricing!
  • If you have larger items that you may not be able to transport yourself, or cannot come visit us during normal business hours, please call or email and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Consignment Day

  • You made it! Come in and let us know that you have some items you want to sell, and if you need any help with unloading we'll be happy to help!
  • We'll take stock of your items and work together to reach a price that makes sense for BGO, yourself, and our customers!
  • We will then set up your online account and show you how to view your sold items, account balance, and more!
  • You can sell your items for either cash or store credit!
  • If you choose to have your items available for rent you get a percentage of the rental fee as well! Renting your gear to our visitors is a great way to make more money off of your gear and help tourists explore our area!


After Consignment

  • Lord willing and the creek don't rise your items will sell! You can log into your account to check up at anytime
  • Checks will be mailed out on the 16th of every month or sent via PayPal! (We try to keep it green)
  • Come in and shop anytime to use your store credit! Or we can put it on a gift card to give to someone who deserves it!
  • Sometimes you have sellers regret.. if you decide you want to pick your item up you have the right to do so! We just ask you give us 24 hours notice! And if you have something for sale with us, like a kayak, that you're dying to use come pick it up and bring it back! (We want people to enjoy the outdoors remember?)
  • If you have any questions or concerns along the way, always feel free to stop by or reach out to the BGO team!

Consignment Agreement


The consignment model does not work without a partnership between us and you, our consignor.  Whenever an item sells we share the revenue, it’s not rocket science! Boone Gap sends out payments on the 16th of each month for items sold in the previous calendar month.  If you wish to use store credit, the money is available immediately after an item sells in store. Use our online system to check payouts and transaction history or reach out to us at any time with any questions or concerns.






We want to keep our rates very simple!

You will receive 65% of the selling price of your items, we get 35% for doing our job of getting it sold! 


*Receive an extra 5% if you want to use your credit in store


*Club Members also receive an extra 5% on cash payouts and 10% extra store credit




We work together to price your items based on a few factors.  The condition, suggested retail price, time of year, and our inventory.  New items can not be sold for more than 80% of its suggested retail and for most used items we aim to begin at 50% off suggested retail, more or less depending on the condition of the item.  




You want your stuff to sell right? We do too!  If it has been on our shelves for more than 30 days we will mark down your item 10% and another 10% for each additional 30 days on the sales floor, up to a total of 50% off the initial listing price.  During sale or promotional periods your item may be discounted up to an additional 15%

Consignment Period


Our consignment period is 150 days.  If an item reaches the 150 day mark you will have 14 days to retrieve the unsold item.  You will not be notified when the date is nearing but we will reach out to you when the date arrives letting you know your items are ready.  After 14 days we will donate the items to a local non profit.



We suggest making your gear also available to rent.  When your gear is rented you will receive 20% of the rental fee.  Rental items we love are bikes, kayaks, packs, camp gear/tools, outerwear, and plenty more!  We only suggest renting gear that has already been used, however we do take responsibility for any damages incurred while your gear is being rented.  Rental payouts occur the same day and are listed as an item in your account.

Other Terms


Boone Gap assumes all responsibility for your items while in store, our liability is limited to the most recent listed price minus our commission.  If you no longer wish to sell your items you can pick them up after a 24 hour notice. A $2 processing fee will be applied to payments that are mailed.  Terms and conditions are subject to change.


Questions? We’re friendly, just ask!! 859-951-6488 or