Our consignment process is straightforward, and effective! We believe that nothing is more important than the relationship between us and our customers! Enabling more people see our beautiful area is our goal and with the help of our community, it can be done!


  • Round up your gear that needs a new home! 
  • We just ask that it not be at the end of it's life and that it doesn't smell too bad when you bring it in! (If you wouldn't buy it in the shape it's in, talk to us about repair options or donations)
  • We're accepting most gear at this time as we are approaching peak hiking season!
  • Take stock of what items you have, if you have over 10 items we ask that you prepare a list of your gear. 
  • Get a price in mind! We can't sell anything for more than 80% of what it's worth brand new.  We will work together on this if you're having any difficulty pricing! 
  • If you have larger items that you may not be able to transport yourself, or cannot come visit us during normal business hours, please call or email and we will do our best to accommodate you!

  • You made it! Come in and let us know that you have some items you want to sell, and if you need any help with unloading we'll be happy to help! 
  • We'll take stock of your items and work together to reach a price that makes sense for BGO, yourself, and our customers! 
  • Once the price has been agreed on we'll sign some paper work and you'll receive your copy of your intake form

  • Checks will be mailed out on the 16th of every month or sent via PayPal! (We try to keep it green)
  • Come in and shop anytime to use your store credit! Or we can put it on a gift card to give to someone who deserves it! 
  • Sometimes you have sellers regret.. if you decide you want to pick your item up you have the right to do so! We just ask you give us 24 hours notice! 
  • And if you have something for sale with us, like a kayak, that you're dying to use come pick it up and bring it back! (We want people to enjoy the outdoors remember?)If you have any questions or concerns along the way, always feel free to stop by or reach out to the BGO team!