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Retrospec Folding Pedals

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Our Speck Fiberglass Folding Pedals measure 11cm at full extension and 5.5cm when folded, saving you a total of 11cm in width. Though inspired by the practicality of our Speck folding bike, these folding pedals can be easily installed on any bicycle. These pedals are perfect for travelling and camping and commuting and storing. Simply fold up, twist the spindle block, and release. You’ve got yourself a pedal taking up half the space. Our folding pedals have a good grip and don’t slip in wet weather. The fiberglass composition is stronger than plastic and lighter than alloy. These pedals are reinforced with nylon and have boron steel axles, which means they’ll keep going as long as you keep going.


  • Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Body and Cage with High Grade Boron Steel Axle
  • Folds smoothly in 1 second with the pull of a single finger
  • The best folding bike pedals money can buy. Perfect for any commuter or travel bike
  • Reflector included
  • 9/16" spindle, 424 Grams per pair