½ Shell Hammock

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The ½ Shell Hammock is a fully featured, lightweight, gathered-end camping hammock. It is made from a comfortable nylon body with a 6-way ripstop, designed especially for hammocks.

The ½ Shell ZIP Hammock features two, full length zippers along both sides. Each are equipped with dual sliders so you can zip closed where you like. The Zip model offers a large bug-free zone with maximum interior space when you utilize the side tie outs. The symmetrical net design allows you to find your perfect sleep position; or change it up on the fly.

The ½ Shell BEE Hammock is our zipperless bug net. It features a Bottom Entry/Exit design so it is quick and easy to get in and out of the hammock, without having to reach for a zipper. The BEE bug net enclosure offers complete protection from insects while retaining the ease of use, and modularity of multi season hammocking. The BEE bug net can be completely removed and left at home when not needed, or packed up along with the hammock so it’s always ready to go.


Both hammocks measure 11' x 58" 

½ Shell ZIP Hammock weighs a total of 2lb 

(including the Shell Sack™ + suspension) 

½ Shell BEE Hammock weighs a total of 1lb 12oz

(including the Shell Sack™ + suspension)